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“Composing a song is easy, composing a beautiful song is difficult” said Bryan Adams. I take pride in making songs on my own from A to Z, video clips as well. 

I’m an artist but I’m not a star. Or could I say I’m an unknown star? I know, my ego… Nobody knows me, almost nobody listens to my music tongue-out I have 29 subscribers on my channel, lol! Except… you maybe? Or maybe you came here by mistake? Whatever. You are here. Do I care if no one cares? Not so much. Not that I don’t care about people and that I want to act proud and independent, it’s just that making music isn’t really a choice. Once you start composing, you can never really stop because you feel like you HAVE to continue. If I stopped, I would probably regret it at some point and I know that.

Having that urge is in every way comparable to sex. It’s an urge that gives you pleasure, and enslaves you in the same time. Problem is… how to combine it with life? Same good old problem. We do have to survive, composing takes time. So, this is not really compatible with having kids, because when you come back home tired of work, you have to continue working on your music, and once you’re done with music, then you are dead, you sleep.

Everytime I try composing something, I feel like I’m praying, because I have to dig deep. Expressing yourself isn’t easy, because first you have to find yourself. And the real you, is always somewhere inside of you, most of the time hiding from the B.S. of the world. First time I felt like my inner “me” was expressing himself, it surpried me a lot. I didn’t think he had so much to say, and I realized then that I never give him the opportunity to express himself. Problem is that when you let him speak, you understand why he always shut up. It’s because he always wants impossible things, and he wants them right now. Like a child. You know when a child asks you “dad, why is this person so mean?”, it’s just very hard to answer that. And my inner me is like that child, just wondering why isn’t there more love around me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.


I actually don’t want to be a star. I want to be 100% honest. I’ve not always been, because I considered others to play games all the time, so at some point I had decided to play even more games, so that I would win the big game of life. That is some game of thrones shit I know. But now the only thing I want is to be honest, in order to feel alive, in order to join others instead of always getting further and further away. Because at last, what is happiness? It’s to have a link with someone or a group of people. Love is having a link, friendship is having a link, but the question is always : how to build that thin fragile link? Throughout our evolution we were not really meant to build links, we were meant to survive, so we are doing something unnatural. And you know that time when your friend or relatives shows you a song that he/she loves. That’s actually a wish they have to show you the dreams they picture when they listen to that special music, and they would love you to join them in there. That’s why it’s so painful when others don’t like your music. It feels like they don’t want that connection. But it’s not like that… It’s just that, it wasn’t the language they needed to build that link. That’s why composing is so complicated, building a link with others is near impossible, so I’m just composing the things I love, and the people (even if they’re 1%) who are gonna like it are gonna be in my heart. Yeah, for real. smile And this… is the only thing that matters. Not feeling alone. Yes, in case you wonder, there is something almost religious in things I say even though I’m not personnaly. But in my eyes music was religious even before religion existed, music is one of the most spiritual things we can experience in life, that’s why it’s so good. The amount of lives that music saved is probably massive. Music is a form of art that hits the soul like no art does. When you feel bad, you won’t always go back to watching a painting. You won’t watch a dancer perform. You won’t watch a sculpture. You won’t read a special text that makes you feel good. You will listen to that music you listened 1000 times already that will let you dive into an ocean of love and understanding. That’s why music is special, it’s like a superconfident, and that’s why I consider music to be a very different form of art. But maybe our relation to sound itself is special. You know, something standing in front of your eyes probably won’t annoy you much. But a noise never going away will defenetively drive you crazy. It’s like having noisy neighbors, it’s hard. We do need quietness sometimes, and what is the equivalent of quiet with the eyes? It’s the dark, when we close them. We need to close them in order to sleep but we don’t need to close them to feel good, or better. I think our relation to sound is the same than with taste and touch pretty much gives the same kind of divine pleasure. 




Who am I?

I’m Andrew Örn Simar French-Icelandic artist, I make my own music from A to Z. The guitar, the instrumental, the singing, the lyrics, the compositions, even the video clips. It’s all me. Sure, I did have some help in the process, but basically it’s all me, without label, without support. Many artists try to gain recognition from labels or medias, and tend to forget about their art in the process. And if they failed at gaining the attention of social medias, or labels, then they kind of lose their essence, the reason why they loved art on the first place and why they wanted to make a living out of it. They fail because they waste so much time at gaining attention and end up creating less. And, let’s say, even if they do succeed at gaining attention, since many artists don’t compose or produce their own songs, they end up being the slaves of corporations and gain actually very little money compared to the labels they work for. I didn’t want to go through that process, because either way, you end up losing, on an artistic stand point. So my choice was the following : I’m gonna create, I’m gonna dedicate myself to art, even if it means being alone, even if it means having strictly no recognition. And trust me, I don’t regret that choice. This independance taught me how to be an artist and a producer and a clip maker, which are typically 3 different jobs.

What kind of Music? 

I don’t have limits. I do different styles which isn’t actually recommanded by music businessmen. They tell you to have one style in order to have some sort of signature in your music, and in order to focus on one type of audience. I can get close to AVICII, to a hit summer song, to Jeff Buckley, to Queen… What I do is very diverse. The aim here for me is to never get bored. 



Who am I?

Here are my compositions. I’ll walk you through each of them and explain their history.


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