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Travelling, the obsession of my generation.

“Die like a lion” is an ode to travelling, to adventure, throwing yourself entirely in the unknown, and giving your life to fate! There is no better therapy than escaping your problems and finding back your true self, to actually think about you, be the actor of your life, not the spectator. In our daily routines, we mostly think about our relatives, husband or children, about our goals, but we neglect ourselves sometimes to a critical point. Lots of people my generation became obsessed with that feeling of liberation that is so needed in our societies which tend to put a lot of pressure on us. Encoutering people with different cultures and habits, receiving their generosity and giving it back to them is one key for happiness. That song was made in an AVICII spirit, it was voluntary. There is not a video clip yet for that music, because I wanted to make them while traveling, and i didn’t have the opportunity to go back on the roads with a camera, yet. 



This song is quite serious and is a wish for happiness in a moment when everything is falling apart in your life after a break up. At this moment, we do everything we can to be happy, to look happy, doesn’t matter how much we die inside. That clip which was made to be funny is a parody of that dark feeling of faking happiness. The love of a plant shows we could just give your attention to anything after a break up in order to save us. I know, I know, that’s not very joyful! That clip was shot in Marseille. 

Borderline Love

This song is long, very long, and this was made on purpose. At that moment I wanted to start a series of song that would be like movies. It’s a very contemplative song, which alternates between the light and the shadow, with almost a mystical aspiration. There is also a flirt with death, a lot of drama, something that is always on the edge, something borderline. Borderline people are always into the extremes, always filled with paroxysm, intensity and passion.  This video clip was all made in Marseille, France. Some shots were quite complex to make, especially the ones at the end with the motorcycle. Needless to say the speed wasn’t very legal, but friends had to shoot with the camera at the back of a car, at the right timing with no one in the tunnel. It was dangerous but so much worth it! This song is actually my first to be very “unconventionnal”. What I mean by that is that there is no refrain, no verse. I really like that kind of song because it goes beyond the classic structure of a song, and that’s what I wanted to do since a while but never dared to. 

Unborn love

Again a song about love? Yeah I know. But well, that’s what all songs are about, so… let’s get to it 😉

This song is about the deep feeling that most of us have, this feeling that there is somewhere a soulmate waiting for us. Some people search their soulmates for a lifetime, sometimes they even find him/her and don’t even realize it! This impossible search based on a very strong connection with a stranger we didn’t even meet. This video clip is voluntarely boring, it shows a daily routine, nothing exceptional about it, nothing glamorous. It’s just a regular being living with that wish of connection and bond.

At this time I was reaching my 30’s. This age is often like a milestone. And at this milestone you start asking yourself if what you pictured before in your mind as being love is real or not? 




On the beach

This song is a bit like a summer hit song, I just made it for fun because I liked the melody, and the soon to come video clip is gonna be fun an playful. I’m just looking for a good female dancer 🙂 I’m actually struggling to find her because, I don’t know anybody that dances well. Myself i’m terrible at it 

So close

That song was actually my first recorded song! Fully acoustic, you can maybe feel that the singing wasn’t perfected yet, and god I looked young on it! It was a bit like a crash test, it’s quite a teeny song. At the end of it, I was asking for some money to make some more clips cool . This video clip actually looks like a wedding video, that’s why now I don’t really enjoy it so much. But… feel free to comment, like or dislike.



This heartbreaking song is about my mother. It’s about the love we share that was made complicated and sometimes nearly impossible due to an absence of communication. This song was a bit like my own therapy when I was angry at her. I’ve eventually shown it to her and surprisingly she enjoyed it! The classical music style is here because she is a big unconditionnal fan of Mozart and classical music in general. 

This is a song without words. “Do you remember” because it is for me a tribute to my childhood and all the happy times. Now it seems like a faded dream that I barely remember. It’s blurr in my memory but very clear in my heart. Most of our lives are based on the good moments we had or didn’t have in the past. My childhood shaped me, and made me immune to worst temptations, and I thank my parents for that.  

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